Are your medications affecting your dental health?

We all know that daily brushing and flossing, in addition to professional cleanings and examinations at least twice per year, are the key to maintaining our teeth and implants, but what about the medications that we take for other medical conditions?  How are they affecting our teeth and implants?

  • There are many medications which cause an increase in clenching and grinding.  In addition to exacerbating temporomandibular joint disorders, these habits can be detrimental to teeth and implants, causing pain, looseness and in some cases, even failure of the implants. 
  • Some medications can lead to a reduction in salivary flow.  This dramatically increases the risk of developing dental decay.  These patients should have frequent dental examinations in order to catch new lesions while they are small enough to be treated conservatively.
  • Latest news about dental implants suggests that some medications can improve the success rate of the implant treatment, while some can reduce the success rate of the implant treatment. 

Our doctors carefully review medical conditions and medications for each patient to ensure the best treatment outcome.  If you have questions regarding your medications, you can ask your doctor.