Dr. Kathleen Frankle examines a patient while performing a root canal.

Endodontists are root canal specialists. If a tooth is damaged by trauma, or decay, including damage to the root, a patient will typically experience pain and increased sensitivity in that tooth. Often biting down and having pain is a sign that a tooth may need a root canal.

How do I know I really need a root canal?
Our doctors are specially trained to recognize the difference between a tooth that really needs endodontic repair and one that may be sensitive due to other problems within the bite and jaw, known as malocclusions.

At times the symptoms can be confusing, leading most dentists to determine that a root canal is needed. However, sometimes the source of the pain is completely different and the root canal treatment will not eliminate the pain. You can be sure that our endodontist, together with the rest of our team, will reach the right diagnosis, and with it the right treatment.

What happens after the root canal?
If you are determined to need a root canal, your endodontist will recommend a crown to protect the tooth after repair. Our prosthodontist is uniquely trained to fit your tooth with a beautifully made crown that will help balance your bite and prevent future problems from developing.

Meet Dr. Kathleen Frankle, our endodontist.