Periodontics is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting tissues of the teeth; the gums and the bone. If not properly cared for, inflamation can lead to tooth loss and bone damage. The causes of gums disease and gum recession are multiple and complex.

What do you typically evaluate periodontics patients for?

At our practice, we regularly see patients for the following:

Dr. Louis talks with a patient.

Dr. Louis talks with a patient.

  • Implant placement: from single to full reconstructions, including trauma and cancer complications
  • Routine cleanings
  • Education on how to maintain the health of your gums and general oral care
  • Regular maintenance
  • Periodontal surgery, including:
    • Crown lengthening
    • Pocketing reduction
    • Bone and soft tissue grafts
    • Sinus lifts

In addition, clenching and grinding, at times, can cause fremitus (vibration and loosening of teeth), or abfraction/cervical erosion (an erosion of the tooth at the gum line) and receding gum tissue. This will be addressed by our dental practitioners.

Research has shown that the control of diabetes is enhanced by the elimination and control of periodontal disease. Additionally, inflammatory periodontal disease is now considered a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Further research is ongoing at this time.