Bethesda TMJ & Implant Center Reviews

I went for a teeth cleaning with Ema today and she did a great job!! She was very gentle during the process and always made sure I was comfortable. I was hesitant to have anyone touch my mouth other than my dentist because of my special dental issues, but she made it a wonderful experience. Thank you Ema for all you do !!
— Laura R.

It is completely worth it to drive out to Bethesda to see Dr. Sarit Kaplan or Dr. Singer at bethesdaTMJ. I’ve seen tons of people and they are the best. They’ve helped undo years of past damage and help me move forward... Good luck!
— DC Urban Mom

Dr. Kaplan is thorough, professional and friendly. I have some jaw discomfort and alignment issues that she was able to address and propose treatment for. I would recommend Bethesda TMJ to family and friends.
— Jeff A.

I appreciated that Dr. Bolding and her assistant worked quickly and were gentle with my jaw. Thank you:)
— Jennifer S.

I have been so impressed with Bethesda TMJ. My mother had awful experiences other places in the past, with shady dentists overcharging for shoddy work. Now she absolutely swears by this place, and made me come too! Between the two of us we have worked with all of the prosthedontists and found them to be unfailingly professional and adept. I debated getting veneers for a long time due to flourosis staining, and Dr. Kaplan was always honest with me about costs, pros and cons. This team never pushes or makes me feel tricked out of money. They never make me feel like my discomfort is insignificant, both in the chair, or when I come in speaking of jaw pain. Today when a chemical irritated my lip, they hurried to apply some soothing cocoa butter, and asked me several times if I felt better. The care is just great. I like in North Carolina now, but I still come here. Can’t let a great dentist get away!
— Mindy V.