New Teeth in One Visit

What is the “New Teeth in One Visit” procedure?

This procedure involves removing of remaining teeth in the upper or lower jaw (or already without teeth), placement of 4-6 dental implants and placement of a fixed provisional prosthesis on the implants.  The patient will leave with fixed teeth the same day as the implant placement.  After 4-6 months of healing, the final prosthesis will be constructed on the implants out of porcelain or acrylic. 

Am I a candidate for "New Teeth in One Visit"?

If you are currently wearing a complete denture and would love to have teeth that are more secure, strong and do not have to be removed at night, this procedure may be your answer.  If you suffer from periodontal disease, or have many teeth which cannot be restored, TIAD can help return your mouth to a healthy status while maintaining or improving your functionality and esthetics.  A consultation is necessary to determine whether New Teeth in One Visit is for you.