Your First Appointment

Our waiting room is comfortable and spacious.

Our waiting room is comfortable and spacious.

If this is your first time visiting a physician at the Bethesda Temporomandibular Joint & Facial Pain Center, you will be asked to give us information about your:

  • General health
  • If there is any previous diagnosis and treatments (including EMG, MRI, CT scan if done already)
  • Health insurance and dental insurance (Although we do not accept dental insurance, in most instances, we will provide paperwork for your insurance).

Our doctors ask that if you have any medical records related to your visit with us, please send them in writing (email, fax or mail) before your visit. This allows your doctor to be fully prepared before your visit, so your appointment can run smoothly.

What should I bring to the appointment?
We have prepared a general list of all of the things you can bring with you on your visit, to give your doctors the most complete picture of your current health. This saves valuable time for both you and your doctor.

 Printable version of this list. [PDF]